All You Need to Know About Loft Conversion Services

As your family grows and space is at a shortage, you might be thinking of selling your existing house and moving into a larger one. Another way is to go for home extensions and create extra space at the side or at the back within permitted limits. Alternatively, you can add space. Without disturbing the external appearance or incurring higher costs. This by investing in loft conversion service if you are lucky enough to have a house with an attic or loft.

There are many advantages to loft conversions

  • A loft lends itself easily to modifications and will offer more room than house extensions that are restricted by building laws to within certain limits if you wish to avoid the bother of seeking permissions.
  • Lofts can isolate sound. If you have active children then the loft is ideal in that they can make as much noise as they like without overly disturbing those on the lower floors.
  • An extension may be more affordable than other types of house extensions.

However, there are few things to know and keep in mind before a  loft conversion can be initiated.

These few things that need consideration:

  • Assessment of the existing joists and beams in order to know if they will take the additional burden the conversion will impose.
  • Check for actual usable space: the living space must have enough headroom and must be accessible through a stair extension.
  • Consider how the loft conversion will impact existing water storage, plumbing, ventilation, and hot water system.
  • If approval is mandatory where you live though planning permission is not essential, then it pays to get drawings prepared and approved.
  • Consider the existing roof support structure and how much it will cost to carry out modifications in order to create usable space in the loft.
  • Stairs need careful consideration to ensure that access is easy.
  • Natural ventilation and lighting are next in line.
  • Next, you will have to consider the provision of a bathroom and toilet as well as flooring for the loft. Synthetic or wood flooring is best.
  • Insulation is another important factor. The ceiling, sidewalls, and even the floor need to be insulated to prevent heat loss and also to serve as a sound barrier.
  • Fire safety is another important factor, especially in wooden houses.

Fix your budget

Get an estimate from a known building contractor and be very clear about your plans. Do not change your mind halfway through as it will add to the cost. Always allow about 20% to 30% margin for contingency expenses.

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