When starting a project there are so many factors to consider, at UKSmartbuild.com Ltd we understand just how stressful it can seem to get going. The most important question is how to choose the correct builder for you. Below we have compiled our top tips on what to look for in a building company:

  1. Try to choose a builder who is local to you.
  2. The most powerful review is a recommendation from a family member or friend. But please remember it is not always good if they had a bathroom fitted and you are looking for a loft.
  3. Try to choose a building company who specialises in the works you are looking to have done in your home. This means they will be able to also help you with planning applications if required.
  4. Look out for whether they are a member to an association such as the FMB / Trustmarked.
  5. Most good building companies will complete a free quotation and site visit. It is important to meet the faces behind the company.
  6. Always get 3 quotes.
  7. It is vital that you make a list of all the things you want included so these are included within your quote and not extra after you have signed up. This can help you save on costs.
  8. Ask the building company to price up any extras you are even remotely considering. This again will prevent any unexpected charges.
  9. Compare all your quotes thoroughly and make a list of pros and cons of each quote.
  10. Do your research into the companies online. Important things to look for include: Company history, reviews, how long they have been trading, whether they are VAT registered and for all relevant insurances (companies should send you these documents to verify).
  11. Ask if the works they are undertaking are subcontracted as the company are not liable for damages caused by these staff members (many people are not aware of this!). However, it isn’t uncommon that the electrician or plumber may be subcontracted as they need to be NIC/EIC & Gas safe registered.
  12. Always negotiate your final fee to the best of your ability.
  13. Ask to see a minimum of 2 jobs which relate to the same works you are looking to have done as well as any references.
  14. Make sure a payment structure is in place with the company that you are comfortable is achievable for you.
  15. Ask for delay compensations so if you’re promised the works will be finished in 2 months what will happen if it isn’t?
  16. Ask what guarantees are applicable to your works.
  17. Ask loads of questions! The ‘silliest question’ is always the one you didn’t ask.
  18. As we are driven by our financial situation try to be as realistic as you can with your works. Sometimes the cheapest can seem appealing however it may not always be the cheapest by the project end.

We are proud that all of the above are applicable and come as standard with UKSmartbuild.com LTD.

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