Here at LTD we are not just another building company only out for your money. We want to make sure we can assist you with getting the best advice and value for money that you possibly can. In our previous blog post we gave you some top tips on what points you should be looking out for when you start looking for a builder to undertake your project. Equally, there are also points that you should look out for that you should avoid in a company. Here are our top 10 tips on what to avoid when choosing a builder:

  1. Do not be driven by the cheapest quotation. It is easy to see a good figure and run with it but if it seems to good to be true it probably is! Trust your instincts.
  2. Do not agree a verbal contract. This gives you no defence should you be unhappy with any outcome during the process.
  3. Do not choose a company without a landline or fixed address. Any reputable company will have some form of a fixed address.
  4. Do not choose a company who is not affiliated to an association such as FMB/Trustmark. This means their work is not being governed and also means you may not be entitled to any grants.
  5. Do not pay for a quotation / Site visit. The same way you don’t pay to view a potential property is exactly the same reason why you shouldn’t pay for a quotation!
  6. Do not feel pressured into signing or undertaking any works you are not comfortable or happy with. Remember to take your time and put the brakes on as much as you see fit.
  7. Do not settle on a quote without the company viewing the property. They maybe able to quote off-plan, however ensure before you sign they have visited the property at least once.
  8. Do not choose a builder if you haven’t researched the company. Take your time and look at social media, ask forum pages and check review sites such as google and trustpilot.
  9. Do not choose a builder that cannot show you previous like for like works that they have completed. It is important for you to check the quality of the work your builder is capable of
  10. Do not only get one quotation from a builder which you have had no previous history with. We recommend gaining about three quotes for the works to give you something to compare by.

Many of these may seem quite obvious but with so many options and so many quotations it is easy to let your guard down. You should feel that you are able to approach your building firm with ease and never feel left in the dark. Your home is your castle and it is important for any company to respect that.